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What Our Publishers Are Saying

Inner Traditions is proud to be represented by Parson Weems Publisher Services in New England, the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. Over the years Parson Weems has successfully increased sales and raised the profile of our company in their important sales territory. They are experts at not only representing our list to bookshops, but also representing the bookstore needs back to the publisher. The team regularly creates opportunities to meet with key booksellers and important customers. Eileen, Chris, Jason are detail oriented, thorough, and knowledgeable; helping Inner Traditions navigate a challenging marketplace. 

Naval Institute Press (and its graphic novel imprint Dead Reckoning) is very pleased with the representation Parson Weems Publisher Services provides in the New England and Mid-Atlantic regions. Seasoned professionals, Eileen, Chris, Jason, and Causten are respected by their accounts who range from independent retailers, to distributors, to specialty outlets, to comic distributors, to Barnes and Noble. They are diligent in their coverage, provide excellent follow up, and are wonderful colleagues with whom to work. Parson Weems associates are advocates for their buyers and businesses they call on as well as the publishers they represent. We highly recommend them.


Chooseco has been so grateful for the representation, guidance, and laughs shared with Parson Weems since 2006.  In all this time, Chris Kerr has never once repeated a joke yet has managed to remain funny, and this alone is an incredible feat.  Eileen, Chris, Jason and Causten have helped return our classic book series to independent stores across the Mid-Atlantic and New England, representing us with authority to our own neighbors in Vermont. Parson Weems has also provided invaluable representation in sales of our books to Barnes and Noble, Bookazine, and other distributors.  We view them as collaborators and friends, and the education they have provided on bigger picture as well as the extreme minutia has been an incredible contribution to the success of our small publishing company.  I would say they have been with us since day one, but that’s not actually accurate—they were there since before day one, as we began work together a few months before we brought our series back into the commercial market, and they’ve been enthusiastic and supportive of all the wild ideas we’ve had since then.  We highly recommend their work.

Mountaineers Books is grateful for the representation Parson Weems has provided us for well over a decade.  They have always been a pleasure to work with and provide the great representation Mountaineers Books needs for all our East Coast book accounts.  Anytime we hear from our accounts they are always complimentary of the timely and personable service they provide.  They are happy to give feedback on any regional or national questions we have about anything book related, they are true pros. 

"Parson Weems has helped Parkhurst Brothers navigate the changing world of book sales since Bill Clinton was president. The team has changed over the years, but the standards of professionalism have remained remarkably consistent--at the high end of any scale."

Parson Weems has been representing Catholic University of America Press since June of 2019. They've always been incredibly responsive to any queries, and excellent about keeping me on my toes when they need critical data from the Press. They are total pros, and I'd recommend them to anyone looking for representation in a hot minute!" - Brian Roach, Sales and Marketing Director, The Catholic University of America Press

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